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Under the employment of Sepura LTD situated in Cambridge, HCIP were requested to undergo multiple different works, spanning over 3 floors and lasting approximately 8 months. Sepura desired a full strip out, including ceilings and then a full fit out.

They wanted both MF Ceilings and suspended ceilings to be installed as well as acoustic barrier within the ceiling void to cancel out any unwanted sound travelling throughout the office’s.

The project incorporated innovative use of oak capping running along the ceiling of the breakout area, this provided a really smart and different look which Sepura were extremely happy with. HCIP fitted all normal partitions and glazed partitions as well as all the doors, frames and skirting.

The project was a huge success and was delivered on time to the high quality standard Sepura wanted. The wide range of materials used and the nature in which they were used, gave the office block a diversity and a distinctiveness which Sepura found especially endearing.

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